SexEd for the Digital Generation

There is a new SexEd book you are going to want to read if you’re a teen, or even some decades older. ‘For Foxes’ Sake‘ (FFS) is the awesome replacement for musty, prudish textbooks. In its place is solid advice from one human being to another, all based on fact and narrated with real experiences. The conversational writing pulls you in immediately, feeling personal and relevant  all at once. FFS covers all the things you need to know, but you will end up reading it because of the practical advice about all the things you really want to know about…

‘For Foxes’ Sake’ is written with heterosexual teenage girls in mind but is sure to spark curiosity in anyone who wants reliable information about sex from foreplay to fisting. It takes the best aspects of the Cosmo sealed section and a Gynaecologists appointment delving deeper into the broad topic of sex than what goes where and how babies are made. It covers the a – z of sex and growing up from matters of consent, laws, anatomy, hormones, society, sexuality, sex acts to body consciousness and beyond. Through FFS, you get the right level of information to understand what is happening in your mind and body (especially midway through the act) without having to research science journals or dodgy advice out there in Google-land.

With smartphone proliferation the way it is, every teen has been educating themselves on sex but undoubtedly coming to flawed conclusions. Parents, if you’re feeling brave ask Google about dealing with a STD or a heavy period. The results are polarized between clinical advice and dramatic Reddits. The internet can be a terrible place for learning about sex. Yet the agenda of this book is refreshingly clear: get information, get facts, don’t get judgment, think for yourself. FFS is just as much about being a good person including basic instructions on how to look after yourself and treat people right, preparing teenage girls for growing up in the digital age. FFS has had to be explicit and unflinching acknowledging the intensity of the culture surrounding sex today but remains clear, clever and a charming read. Even reading FFS as an adult showed how much there is left to learn about sex with the thoughts “that makes sense now” and “I wish I had known that before” occurring more than once.

On the back of the book, author, Row Murray, is described as a sex fairy godmother. It is a perfect description. Her voice is reminiscent of a cool aunt or your best mates grown-up sister. She has lived it and is not afraid to tell you as it is with love, humour and genuine care for your well being. The fact that Row is so open means that readers won’t have discover things the hard way. The lonely way. FFS feels like you are talking to your BFF but with a lot better advice because it isn’t relying on second hand information and guesswork. Her readers will have knowledge and resources to draw on when they need them. In fact, there are some chapters that will definitely fill in the gaps for generations that were left to figure to things out the hard way. If only she could wave her magic wand and have this published twenty years ago…


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  • The Sex Nerd Sandra podcast is also a great educational resource and can be very eye-opening for those of us who are sheltered.

    • Siren Empire

      It is pretty interesting…Having a bit of listen now.