Preventative Cures for Running on Empty

running on empty

Do you ever feel like your tank is running on empty? Our lives are so full of responsibilities that we sometimes find our energy output a lot greater than our input. This leaves us feeling rundown and can lead to a chronic illness. Prevention is the best cure of them all. Invigorate your energy with these simple, daily interventions.

Pick and prepare foods with love
Our diet is probably the first thing to look at to see if we’re feeding ourselves enough good food and drinking enough water to live the life we want to with enough vitality to really enjoy it. Sugar really zaps energy within quite a short time of consuming it so watch out for all the sneaky places it’s hidden, in processed foods in particular. Making sure you eat well balanced meals with generous servings of veggies and salads and good lean protein will ensure a steady stream of energy throughout the day.

Move your body in the way love wants you to move
Moving your body every single day, in a loving way will help to energise your body and do wonders for your mental health. When we get into a sedentary routine it actually interferes with our vitality and we find ourselves on a low level cycle of inactivity, which usually brings unhealthy eating habits. So get out and get moving to create more of that great energetic vibe so you can keep up with your kids, your partner and your friends.

This doesn’t mean flogging yourself at the gym. Listen to your body, and move in a way that brings a smile to your face.

Choose your tribe
Surround yourself with people who lift you up. Pay attention to the flow of energy you have with the people you are close with. Try and notice if the energy flows both ways in a loving motion. If it is just a one way stream, from you to them, you may need to reassess the relationship.

If this is a colleague or someone who you need to interact with on a regular basis, the following exercise can help to stop the flow of energy:

Close your eyes and cut the imaginary energy cord that flows from you to this person.  This exercise is powerful because once the cord is cut, you’re no longer allowing your energy to flow in a one way direction and the energy flow resets itself. This exercise doesn’t need to be spoken about or continually thought about. Just do it with the intention of freeing any draining energies that continually zap you.

energy crystals

Master your inner voice
Your attitude and thoughts have a huge impact on your energy levels. Try not to buy into negative self-talk and judgement or criticism of yourself. A good trick here is, when you catch yourself saying or thinking something critical, ask yourself “Would I say this to my best friend?” If the answer is no, then why would you say it to yourself? Become your own best friend and filter out those energy zapping negative self-talk habits.

When you begin eradicating negativity from your life, you create room for self-love. A great way to keep negativity out of your life and stay connected to yourself is through meditation. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean sitting on a mat for an hour each morning in silence. Many people enter a meditative state when walking, or even by taking a moment where they take a few deep breaths.