Looking back in the rear view mirror

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“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way”


While we have some fond memories of past times, it’s important not to let memories be a focal point of the present moment. To make sure we are living life to its full potential, we need to be completely present to attract all the good that is coming.

Fond memories of carefree times from our childhood or back to when our relationships were blossoming often occupy our minds – and that is because these were times in our lives where love was at the forefront of our minds and responsibility was often nowhere to be found.

Conversely, unpleasant or hurtful and painful experiences from our past which continue to have us looking rearward can limit our potential just as much. Fear, which can take the form of anxiety and depression, keeps us rooted to the spot and unable to move into unknown territory.

Everyone has good and bad experiences that we refer back to. Today is a reminder to close the doors on those memories and experiences that we allow to shape us. It’s time to cut the cords, let go of old patterns and create new pathways that will open new and amazing opportunities.

As we are in a year of completion, numerologically speaking, now is an incredibly powerful time to consciously let go of the emotions we’re holding onto from past experiences. This is year nine, the last year before we begin a fresh cycle. Next year, year one will bring brand new beginnings. It is up to us what we will be taking with us and what we will be leaving behind.

looking back rearview mirror

To eliminate emotional baggage, we must create time to sit and think about the things in our life that we need to distance ourselves from. Ask yourself, what makes me feel sad, angry, depressed, not good enough, judged or criticised?

Doing this exercise will begin the process of eliminating what no longer serves our highest good and our soul path.

Let’s stop wasting time looking in the rear view mirror, and instead start admiring the view all around us, and enjoy the feeling of limitless opportunities that are waiting for us.

To rid yourself of old emotions and attachments, add this affirmation to your daily routine:

“I release all that no longer serves my higher purpose and I welcome the assistance of the Divine to guide me in this process.”

If you’re seeking further guidance on letting things go from your past, feel free to get in touch with me today at contact@sanctumhealing.com, or alternatively, head to my website for further advice and support sanctumhealing.com.