How to Succeed at Christmas Shopping

shopping at christmas

Christmas shopping is getting better each year, and I am not a natural shopper. Nor do I have an infinite amount of money. I have spent too much in years past simply by not being organised! Get into the crowds in December, music blaring and bright lights overhead, and you are guaranteed to lose all sense of control! Here is what I have learnt works (by discovering the methods that don’t)!

It’s all in the preparation

  • Don’t go out hungry! Eat a nourishing breakfast/brunch beforehand. When your blood sugar is low, there is a tendency to get disorientated and angry!
  • Pore through the catalogues that clutter up your mailbox. Circle items on sale or that are on your wish list!
  • Make up a chart to take with you, detailing which shops you shall go into, and what you are going to buy. Make sure you keep track of the advertised prices so you can budget!
  • Look on the store’s websites for specials. They may offer free postage and handling, which means you can order from home to save a trip!

christmas drinks

Christmas gift inspiration

  • Think of ways you can trim the budget. If you are good at gardening, perhaps offer that service instead of a gift. Other ideas are vouchers for dinner at your place, babysitting, tutoring, massage or a day of office work to help out.
  • Buy some gorgeous bottles and fill with sea salt and lavender oil for the bath, or use spray bottles to make aromatherapy room fresheners. Simply fill with demineralized water (from laundry aisle) and essential oils.
  • Hot chocolate mixes, cookies and baked goods are always appreciated, and the fact you have spent time making them means a lot.
  • For the person who has everything, why not give them a card detailing a donation to charity in their name? It is the gift that keeps giving!
  • Candles, aromatherapy diffusers, sun catchers and terrariums are thoughtful gifts that last and actually get used!
  • See what is open later, such as Kmart, and take advantage of the quieter times.

Remember to have fun when shopping! Look at the decorations, have something scrumptious to eat with friends, maybe catch a movie between stores. If you have a list and a budget, I promise it won’t be as stressful as once it might! It only took me a decade to realize!