Psychic Vampires and Energy-Zappers

psychic vampire

We have all encountered psychic vampires and energy drainers at one time or another. Who can identify with the following scenario’s?

  • You are down the street clutching a long list of chores to accomplish. Lost in your thoughts, you run into a familiar face, and inwardly groan. Your heart beat quickens and your stomach lurches. After an hour, you desperately break away, and now feel too zapped to finalize your tasks.
  • You answer the phone and instantly wish you hadn’t. You are held captive as the individual embarks on a long, monotonous conversation.
  • You meet someone and instantly feel aggravated and anxious in their presence. You leave with a headache.
  • You are asked intrusive questions about your personal life. When you state that you aren’t comfortable with the topic, they press on. You are left feeling invaded and traumatized, the memories from the time they are interested in, churning up inside of you.
  • You have lunch with a person who gleefully informs you who is saying what about you. They then turn their hand to talking about others.
  • Long, monotonous conversations which are one-sided. You can’t get a word in, nor are you asked what is happening in your life. They simply don’t care.

These time-wasters can steal days of your life. It takes time to get over an encounter, and in your discombobulated state, you can’t get anything done, nor concentrate on necessary tasks. I know I have needed painkillers, a hot bath and a lay down after being in their presence!

I know I have been zapped when I feel like I have nothing left to give; the well is dry. I can’t answer one more question, nor converse with anyone. This will not do! We are all busy people with loved ones depending on us. It’s not like we can afford to retreat and rebuild our energy when we have work to do! Here is my toolbox of go-to remedies, and also advice which has proven useful.

energy zapper

  • Upon meeting a draining type of person, take note of whether they get in your personal space. Do they immediately ask intrusive questions? Do you start to feel dizzy, or develop a constricted throat or headache? Do you feel your anxiety growing, with a desire to leave their presence as quickly as you can? Listen to these feelings! These types of individuals don’t care about you; only what they can get from you, particularly your energy.
  • Another indication is that you begin to feel inferior, like you are beneath them. They are projecting their own inflated sense of importance, which renders you less. Cutting remarks and little jabs are common with this encounter.
  • Visualize a glass panel between them and you, keeping you safe.
  • If they start asking questions that you aren’t comfortable with, tell them so. Alternatively, you can answer their question with a question, “why do you ask?”
  • Change the subject when it ventures into topics that trigger you and leave you feeling dreadful.
  • Excuse yourself from their presence to go to the toilet. Lock yourself in there! They will probably continue talking without taking a breath as you walk away.
  • Refuse to talk to a long-winded individual on the phone. If it’s important, they can relay information via text or email.
  • Cleanse yourself after being in their presence. Take a bath, then change into clean clothes. If they have been in your home, walk through each room, clapping your hands to break up the energy. Burn some incense or spritz a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of essential oils.
  • Keep a bottle of Rescue Remedy in your handbag, and administer as needed!
  • Think about who you have in your inner circle. You know, the people whom are reciprocal with their energy and friendship. These are your treasured people. They take nothing from you; you listen to them, as they do you.
  • Keep the energy-zappers in an outer-circle, communicating with them only if required, and ideally through texting or emails.
  • They may think you rude, but don’t try to explain why you can’t do something. A simple “no, I can’t” is all you need do. The same applies for ending a phone call or leaving their presence. Simply say “I have to go, bye.”

Your energy is precious and far too valuable to be stolen! Save it for your passions, your health and those beautiful people who add to your life, rather than pilfer from it.