What are you waiting for?

what are you waiting for

In my experience, the best stuff has happened when I wasn’t prepared, and that has been a good thing! No time for overthinking, nerves and self-sabotage.

I ended up having one shot at having a baby. I had one embryo, and seven days later, was told I was expecting. Scary, thrilling and everything in between. But when I remember starting IVF I was freaking out, worried that I wasn’t ready for this monumental step. This was despite the fact I had been infertile for ten years; having surgeries, medications and more in preparation. I was getting close to the final piece of the puzzle, and knew deep down that even if it failed, I would at least not have the agony of wondering ‘what if?’

There will never be a perfect time to try for a child, commit to a relationship, put yourself out there, or simply make a better life for yourself. I know all the excuses you use, because I have used them too. ‘After I have lost weight; after I have been on this diet or exercised every day…When I have saved more; when I am more secure or when I have gathered the right resources or people around me. When I feel more confident…’

Job offers came when I was least ready. Interviews on national radio were arranged with thirty minute’s notice when my book came out, as were chats with newspapers. Recently, I had surgery on my foot, and envisioned a period of rest with my leg up. Life conspired against it. My daughter was offered a role in a movie, and I had to escort her several times to the set. I walked a lot on my foot, which contained an open wound. It hurt, but I survived. It was also a blessing for my daughter, as she had no time to be nervous. The text came to be in wardrobe the very next day, and that was it. What can you do? You have to say yes! Why would you be offered a grand experience, even if wasn’t meant to be; if you couldn’t in fact do it?

Diamonds have led the way in this regard. Coal under enormous pressure and all that.

The best articles are written under pressure. The same goes for books and acting. Diamonds have led the way in this regard. Coal under enormous pressure and all that. Why the hell are you standing in your own way? The books and self-development tools by your bedside that you have been meaning to get through? Do it! The nutritious food in your fridge that is sitting there, mocking you? Devour it!

We spend so much time talking ourselves out of good stuff, that we could have accomplished it all within the space we procrastinated. The clothes that need repairing, the stuff that needs donating, the garden that needs weeding and the plants that need watering. Do it now! You are ready for anything; don’t leave any time for negative self-talk. Take the plunge and show not only the world but also yourself what you can do.