Thoughts and Words and Alchemy

Are you one of the lucky people who articulates ideas with your voice? I want to meet you. We need a talk, you and I. We will sit down somewhere nice, order our coffees and you will divulge the secret of extracting thought bubbles from our brains and like alchemy, translating them into real loud words.

Can you tell me how you know which words to use when they come from a place that has none. Blogs about psychology always talk about thoughts like they appear at the front of your brain in Arial Size 12 Bold. Clear. Readable. If only this was so; it would be so nice. But in my experience thoughts and ideas come from a place vast as space. They are more like impressions risen from the void. There is a smudge of colour, interconnecting emotions and a complex world from subconscious dreams – all hitting you and gone in a millisecond.   

When the thought bubble floats away, here I am adrift and trying to work out what the hell that was. Was that an idea for a blog, for a book, for a business? Were there people in it, and which ones, the good ones? Why did so many emotions slither by in that instant, what could it mean? There is an overwhelming richness, but it is so fleeting.

Decoding thoughts might depend on catching them first. Armed with an imaginary butterfly net I can wade past the cerebellum and onto the grey wriggly mess. When it’s caught I can pin the bright wings to the study wall. Examined under strong light, those minute butterfly feathers will reveal all, and in plain English.

If you could tell me which shop sells this net, then surely I’d have an alchemists dictionary that translates thoughts to words. Then, I could be better at everyday chit chat and answer the all too familiar question “so what do you do,” instead of using the ready escape clause. Then, I would never need to stumble about what to do next because I’ve thought it and know what to say, and who to, to shape life and make the world.  If you could tell me how to unravel my thoughts  I could answer my own questions, and know who I am, myself.

Image: SilaFX