No More Excuses!

no more excuses

All my excuses had run out. I had neglected all the fiddly, cumbersome parts of my life for far too long. I hadn’t redone my Will, nor investigated cheaper deals on insurance. I hadn’t managed my finances and had put off replying to correspondence. I had also broken every promise I had made to myself; things which would make my life easier if put into practice. Did I want to hurt myself; to feel the heaviness of the tasks left undone, having them float through my mind in the dark of night, badgering me?

If I am honest, the answer would be yes…Why I did want to sabotage myself? Why? Because it is easier to keep the status quo rather than leap into the beyond, even if it will take me to a new level of comfort and security.

I needed to see a dentist and the optician for new glasses. I procrastinated for over a year. It would annoy me in the dark of night, and I would remember the pressing need of these appointments when my teeth ached and the TV screen became blurry. I would commit to doing it tomorrow, and then the next day. When I finally made the calls, I felt a lightness of being. Mind you, I waited until my eyes had deteriorated, my teeth were in a bad way, and it all needed doing in the same week I had overdue foot surgery!

Maybe we become hooked on the feelings leaving things undone conspire? Maybe it’s a way of feeling less than, and of beating ourselves up? We know that we should do these things, that it would be in our own best interests to do so. We have a feeling that we will feel fantastic after ploughing through our list, so why don’t we do it? Perhaps it’s either fear of failing, or fear of realizing our goals. Both can bring their own terrors.

What if we fall? What if we float? What then? Maybe the stagnant life is the one for us; it’s safe and predictable, and we can sit in our stagnant pond in our little canoe and beat ourselves up all our days. What fun!

to do list

I dare you to do the following today:

  • Write down 5 pressing things that you have put off doing.
  • Make the calls you need to right now.
  • Book the appointments that are overdue.
  • Figure out a realistic time-frame and budget to achieve the items on your list.
  • Begin now! That may mean taking stock of your expenses and working out how to trim the budget, or how to overhaul your health.
  • Begin with small steps. A drink of water first thing in the morning or a 15minute walk.
  • Cut the negative self-talk. You don’t deserve it!

It’s time to stop procrastinating and realize that the worst thing would be to stay seated in a canoe on a stagnant pond.