Lighting up a Vapour Trail

Spiegeltent samuel marzola

The heart of a creative person beats a little differently. The ‘maybe something more’ becomes a must. Creativity starts to invade their days and dreams and the decision is made. They will change their journey.

One of these creative hearts is Samuel Marzola, a musician and songwriter with nearly 2,000 live gigs under his belt and who launched his third EP, Vapour Trail, a few weeks ago.

Sam started in music with bass lessons in his teens, a degree in music (specialising in jazz) at Adelaide University, and went on to release two EPs called The Equestrienne and China Dress, before taking a lengthy break from songwriting. His reasons for this break tell us a lot about the realities of songwriting.

Sam said; “The level of immersion you need to have to get momentum in music gets exhausting. I went back to my day job and bottomed out on music for a few years. I was emotionally, physically and spiritually running on empty, so I stepped away and recharged. After a few years, I started picking up the bass again, started working as a live bass player and re-found the fun in music.”

He re-ignited the fire that had been smouldering for years by writing and releasing his third EP, Vapour Trail, his strongest work to date.

For Sam, the highlights make his career in music worth it. In the immersive world of songwriting, which can be quite isolating, the ability to play live delivers a stark reminder why creative hearts beat. Sam is a respected professional live bass player as well as a solo artist, and his playing career has seen him work with some great Australian artists such as Dale Ryder from Boom Crash Opera.

lighting a vapour trail

Sam said; “Music is part of who I am and it’s part of my identity. Our musical identity kind of bleeds into our personality, and it’s good to be reminded why you’re so obsessed, because it can feel just fucking spectacular and nothing in my world can compare to it when the planets align musically.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s a great live show, an intimate pub gig with a good crowd, or when you nail a lyric, these moments keep me in tune with why I do this.”

Right now in his journey, Sam has established himself as a multi-instrumentalist who plays bass guitar (“It’s like putting on a comfy old suit”), six-string electric guitar and piano, as well as singing. A recent highlight was playing a solo show of his own music in the Spiegeltent at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

In this new phase of his musical journey, Sam has changed his approach to creating music. It’s now a solid focus and he’s clear on his next moves. He is currently re-recording a few elements of his currently released music to get them right where he wants them. He is going to create a film clip this year and is establishing a regular cycle of recording and releasing music, keeping the flow moving.

Sam said; “I’m actually really comfortable with the evolution in how we consume music. Listeners have changed their music-buying habits. Individual singles are now where things are at and that works for me.”

As Sam really starts to get his teeth into social media and working at raising his musical profile, he’s one to watch. He’s experienced, he has developed his unique songwriting voice, and his work is just getting stronger. Sam is also living proof that these journeys can be taken, and taken well.

Find Sam on Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter, and iTunes.

Samuel Marzola by MadDame