Begin the New Year Refreshed

Have you seen what happens to a stagnant pond? It becomes a slimy and smelly mess. We aren’t made for that. We have to begin the New Year refreshed. A dear friend gifted me a 2016 wish bottle. I am to fill it with all the good things that will surely happen throughout the coming year. I love this idea of writing down every kindness and happy event. They can all too easily become lost in the quagmire. I have noted my habits, and have decided to shake everything up, from what I eat at breakfast, to finding time for reflection in the evenings. Everything must change!

2015 may be at an end, but your story has only just begun. I think this year has wrung many of us out. I gently closed the door to the outside world over Christmas, and went in search of peace. I just couldn’t talk anymore, email nor Facebook. I had no energy left for anything and had to seek respite.

Come Christmas, I could no longer play the social media game. My daily schedule throughout the year consisted of answering texts, emails, tweeting, calling, and being on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. I could communicate with hundreds of people in a day, all whilst home schooling my child and completing my work. I was spent, my tank empty. You can’t get water from a dry well. This was a time for my little girl to have her mother completely present, no distractions. It was almost dizzying, the glee I secretly felt as I waited for Wi-Fi to be installed in my new place. We watched movies and played. We baked and laughed and talked of our hopes and fears. The world fell away and it was beautiful. I lost track of my phone, and when it was eventually found, it needed charging. It bought me more time. We both needed this period of respite. I had grown unfamiliar with the joy of having no schedule, and it took a little time to unwind and relax in my seat as we played games and chatted. It is my fervent hope that 2016 will be lighter, communications shall be compact and easier, and that I will no longer resist what I am presented with.

disconnected and refreshed

At Christmas, my daughter was gifted a finger trap. It is a device wherein you put your index fingers. It contracted, and her fingers were caught. It took her no time at all to figure out that the more she resisted, the tighter the trap became. When she relaxed, it slipped off her slender fingers. It took me a lot longer to get, and I almost panicked as I fought against the constriction. What a metaphor for life! I was gifted another lesson on Christmas Day. I went to the bathroom which had one of those pin locks. To my horror, I couldn’t get out! Nobody could hear me, and it didn’t matter how I tried to move the pin, it wouldn’t budge. It was only when I laughed at the silliness of my predicament and relaxed into it, that I was freed.

May this world know peace, and may we know contentment. It isn’t to be found in weight loss nor in trying harder. It isn’t found in those inane resolutions that are set up to fail. Maybe it is uncovered in the process of relaxing our shoulders, breathing deeply and looking straight ahead. May you have a happy and contented 2016. Try new foods, talk to new people, and tweak your style and your life. You aren’t a stagnant pond, but a mighty clear stream. Here’s to fresh starts and your one wild and precious life.

  • Carmel Reid

    I love this story – so many of us live exhausting lives but fuel ourselves with coffee and sugary stimulants and keep going – I love that you stopped to take time out with you daughter and had fun reflecting on life. I am finding that, the more I am still, the simpler life becomes. It is we who make it complicated.

    • Thank you, Carmel! It spoke volumes to me, the relief I felt when the mobile phone was lost and the Wi-Fi wasn’t connected! I am wading through emails etc now and vow to stream-line it all so I don’t get lost again!