What is it like to be single?

I want to be the one to walk in the sun

Girls Just Want to have Fun, Cyndi Lauper

It’s my crazy, out-there theory that single ladies are so busy carving out beautiful lives for themselves they’re not worried about their single status. But is this true, or do I just want it to be so? Maybe living the single life is about booze fuelled ladettes partying to dawn (or until their makeup slides off…whichever comes first). Or lonely nights filled with cats, cat videos, knitting cat toys and lots of crying about cats?

Settling down with a partner has never seemed so dangerous in light of abhorrent statistics regarding domestic abuse in Australia. I will make it clear that it is definitely a small percentage of men that perpetrate this violence, but the statistics underline the importance of choosing your partner in life wisely, as much as you can without a working crystal ball.

Let’s have a quick look at the pros of being single. Theoretically, you are the sovereign queen of your own life. You make the rules. You are the rules. That’s a pretty fine reason not to get into a relationship where you have to make compromises and look after other people all the time. That would be a con.

Pro: your money is spent how you want. Con: if you want a house deposit it is easier going halves with someone else.

Pro: you are not woken up by someone else’s alarm clock every morning. Con: you are always late for work because you sleep in.

Pro: the dog/cat/teddy bear/electric blanket get to share the bed with you whenever you like. Con: a certain sexy someone is not sharing the bed with you every night.

There is a misconception that singletons have complete freedom. But being single doesn’t relieve obligations to work, family, friends – especially in the digital era when everyone is on call 24/7. But in long term relationships how often do women end up sacrificing their career goals in order to support their family once children arrive on the scene. Life is complicated and full of choices. Choices that end up being made for practical reasons, and not ideal ones. There are lots of reasons why living as a couple is the perfect thing for you like being single is perfect for someone else. Ultimately, you only have yourself to answer to.

What Real People Say

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