Reflecting at Easter

reflections at easter

No matter what your spiritual leanings, I find Easter a time of reflection. Even though we are in a season of crisp mornings and cooler evenings here in Australia, I find that Easter conjures up Spring. I think of my own redemption. I was a discarded child, a girl who seemingly had not a hope of making it to sixteen. I was left bloodied and broken, though throughout the years, have had a beautiful life gifted to me. This season brings to mind the surgeons, nurses, therapists and physios who worked tirelessly with me. It makes me think of grace, love and new beginnings. My heart fills with thankfulness at the kindness shown to me.

I think of a single mum who is finding it hard to source secure housing, despite being an excellent tenant. She is travelling south in a van, in an attempt to locate a cheap rental property. I think of the thousands on the streets of our capital cities, and the young people in harmful households. I think of all those trying to hold on to dreams that are flickering in their clenched fist. I think of the abused, the sick, the lonely…

This world seems broken, now more than ever. Maybe we complicate rather than simplify. Perhaps change needs to start at a grass-roots level, with simple acts of kindness. Here are some acts that have given me hope in the past. A note with a pressed flower attached with a bow, pushed under my door at hospital as a teenager. It simply said that this grown lady thought I was delightful and could get through anything that life pushed onto me. There have been many notes and cards, flowers and texts, emails and calls. They have propelled me forward when I had previously felt like an arrow, pushed backwards. They have told me that I matter. The times a stranger has complimented me when I have been walking through my big city; the times they have offered me a seat on the bus or smiled at me. The myriad ways I have been made to feel included and connected. Perhaps we can all do our bit, where we stand, wherever we are.

borne of stardust

This Easter, maybe we can reflect on the miracles in our lives. I spoke to a scientist at a University the other day, and he confided he finds it sad that so many people don’t appreciate that their bodies were borne of stardust. In fact, they had never thought about it. The fact you are here shows how determined you have been since before conception! Let’s rejoice in being alive, and do what we can to aid peace, right here and now. May you all have a peaceful Easter, whatever your spiritual leanings. I will sit at the table with my daughter, and we will share what we are thankful for. We will remember those we have loved and lost, and remind each other of what we have. We will drill into each other that change is possible, and that it begins with us as individuals. There will be bunnies and flowers and Easter eggs, but as we close our eyes at the end of Easter, we will feel a smattering of the starlight, from whence we came.