Love or Money?

Would you choose love or money?

This question may seem a tasteless, however, it is driven by genuine curiosity. Both of them make the world spin around, depending on who you talk to.

Looking back, a younger self would choose true love from my very own Prince Darcy over money. The current me, however, would choose money because I need that to achieve my life goals. Strangely enough, love has ceased to be one of them. Plus, the love of friends, family (and a puppy I don’t own yet) are very fulfilling. In other words, I know exactly how to spend many millions of dollars, but when it comes to romance, I am clueless likeCher Horowitz. But that’s just me.

A younger me never understood the choice of money over love, but kind of expected both would work themselves out (they didn’t). I’ve learnt to live without love, but not without money.

The choice of money is practical, pragmatic, and there is some romance in the idea of meeting up with close friends in distant lands after many years. There is security knowing that next time my grandfather is in hospital, we don’t have to worry about how to pay for expensive surgery.

In an ideal world, written by Nicholas Sparks, I wouldn’t have to choose between pursuing these kinds of big life things. At a convenient time in my mid twenties Darcy would just tap me on the shoulder and that we be that: swept. off. feet!

If I had the power of some kind of Empress, then I could decree that great, enduring love will happen to all people in their lifetime. But love cannot be forced, so this can never be. Yet, in this role as Empress I could decree that all people will receive great and enduring wealth in their lifetime. This is possible. Unlike love which is intrinsic, money is just a counting tool made up by humans. We would have to change the way we thought about money a bit, but then we’d all have some wealth and we’d all win – Huzzah!

Writing this makes me realise what a dreamer I am. I wonder what you dream about….love or money? Let’s see what our podcasters have to say on the topic.

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