Carmel Crinnion: spiritual healer & mum of 4

carmel crinnion sanctum healing

Carmel Crinnion is the Founder and Owner of Sanctum Healing which offers spiritual healing, guided group meditations and online support to those seeking direction on their spiritual path.

Carmel’s journey began when she was fighting post natal depression in her mid forties. She had always been displaced and searching for something that was missing since childhood. Before embarking on her spiritual path, Carmel tried and failed to fill this gap with exercise, work and shopping, but none of these things left her feeling fulfilled. Carmel had a huge amount of guilt that she felt this way, as she had an amazing life: four incredible children and a very caring husband, who loved her.

Over the next couple of years Carmel opened herself up to various avenues. She went to a psychiatrist, who opened her up to a part of herself she didn’t realise existed using methods such as kinesiology and tapping. Carmel then became very drawn to the teachings of Doreen Virtue and connecting with the Angels, among other metaphysical healing therapies. Carmel wanted to learn more so went on to study Kinesiology.

During her study, when she practiced on students her inherent gifts started to show themselves. Her body began moving involuntarily in the motions of energy healing, the same way that was depicted in the text books. Carmel was guided to put her text books away and trust that this guidance was coming from a higher source than could ever be learned in a text book. With a great deal of trust, apprehension and a little fear, she did just that – she never looked back.

Carmel Crinnion

From that day, her gifts have grown exponentially as she has surrendered to the Universe. Within a year following the course, Carmel began channelling the light languages of the Universe which contain sacred words, healing sounds, vibrations and frequencies.

Carmel’s healing work touches many lives, near and far, from physical sessions such as her one-on-one healing sessions and guided group meditations to distant and surrogate healings.

Carmel was guided to create a website and contribute newsletters and blogs to provide a platform of resources to those seeking spiritual guidance.

Carmel’s healings takes place on all levels; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical; depending where your body and soul requires it.

Today Carmel is full of love and gratitude for where she finds herself. She feels honoured to serve as many people as she can with the intention of assisting them to grow, heal and live a life full of purpose on their soul journey.

Carmel is thrilled to be bringing her work and energy to Siren Empire and trusts you will breathe in the love imbued in these words.