About Siren Empire

Siren Empire is about a lot of things: creativity, friendship, balance. But, it’s our core values of strength, spirituality and self-development that power our growing community. When we honour these characteristics, we give ourselves the power to live truthfully…beautifully. This is the gift we want for our readers.

Our purpose is simply to explore these themes, passing on what we’ve learnt or raising the questions we encounter on our journey.

Siren Empire is here to connect with people who are delving beyond the surface, intent on discovering why life is what it is. We are here to seek wisdom and knowledge that’s not readily available in the everyday bustle. We are here to face up to the somewhat difficult and mysterious nature of our universe.

Our writers bring you their incredible life experiences. Their articles are often moving and poignant or sometimes refreshingly practical in their easy-to-follow advice. Certainly, our writers are always brave, revealing themselves through their words so that others may grow.

We ask that readers come along for the journey in a spirit of goodwill, sharing what resonates with them and supporting the Siren Empire community with a like, follow, or kind comments. We do hope you enjoy your time here.


Discover why the mythical Siren is the inspiration for our namesake.